Professor Helen Storey, February 2011
"Back in 1996 a Wellcome Trust leaflet sent to me by my sister changed my career for good. Primitive Streak was our collaborative answer to bringing her world of developmental biology, and mine, of fashion, together, and it has been touring virtually non stop ever since..." Read more...

A double award-winning Wellcome Trust supported Sci-Art project, Primitive Streak was created by Helen Storey, a designer based at the London College of Fashion and her sister Kate Storey, a Developmental Biologist at the University of Dundee.

The two collaborated in 1997 to create a series of fashion/textile designs, spanning the first 1,000 hours of human life. Producing these at London College of Fashion, Helen and Kate worked interactively using design at multiple levels to evoke the key embryonic processes that underlie human development.

Seen and acclaimed by millions internationally and called a 'cultural hybrid', it changed the course of Helen's career — her time is now devoted to ideas and work rooted in science. Kate remains dedicated to the public understanding of science. In 2011 the Wellcome Trust have supported the further development and re-launch of Primitive Streak, which is accompanied now by new designs inspired by lung development and a website that marries up each design with introductions to the underlying biology, as well as links to cutting edge research in Developmental Biology.

Thank Yous: Marissa Buckingham, Amy Carter, Matthew Holley, Mark Krasnow and Ross Metzger of Stanford University USA, Terry McCartney, Nature Magazine, Deidre Pashley, Kees Weijer and Jason Swedlow of the University of Dundee for movies, Claire Willis, Anna Wraith, Dr Shona Gray, Dr Sarah-Jane Gibb, Terry McCartney and the Centre for Life.

Also supported by: Centre for Fashion Science/London College of Fashion, Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity, DED, Sheffield City Council, The University of Sheffield, University of Dundee, University of Ulster.